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Home to India's largest Innovative Public toilet company, a facilty management service based organization, Ed-Tech wings, Toilet Technology Systems, Public Service Wings

Integrated Facilities Management
Public Washroom Management
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Started at ground zero, to a projected value of $20M


Strong leadership team of true mavericks with over 200+ years of industry leadership experience backed by a solid implementation strategy


India's Largest public washroom management company ,currently manage and operate 450+ Public washrooms across the country


Currently employ 1500+ staff across India and cleaning all heritage properties in Hyderabad every day

Awards Achieved

Our verticals

Ixora FM assists businesses through cost-effective solutions and responsible management of peripheral services and facilities.

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Loo café sets up hygienic premium toilets throughout the country, simultaneously changing a common man's perspective on public washrooms.

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Ixora projects constructs structures like parks, stations, prefarbricated models and other public facilties. We've worked with ULBs, F200s, and Induvidual Proprietors all inclusively with cutting edge design

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Our CSR Initiatives

Dr. Rabindar Nath Foundation

The Free Chai Counter is a programme run by the Dr. Rabindar Nath Foundation in partnership with the IXORA Group. The programme aims to provide free chai (tea) to those in need in the community. The counter serves as a location for individuals to come and receive a warm cup of tea, free of charge. The foundation and IXORA Group work together to fund and operate the counter