About Us

Starting in 2016, Ixora Group's operations extend from Facility Management, creating sanitization products, and building it's flagship model - LooCafé.


Our company manufactures, installs, and maintains prefabricated free-to-use premium washrooms around the country. Loocafé works on the principle of changing the perception of public washrooms around the country. An award-winning, social-environmental public washroom initiative under the guidelines of ODF+. Our comprehensive toilet management system enables us to maintain sanitation effectively. Loocafé is built on used shipping containers, with an optimum space of 170 sq ft. The design and architecture of this innovation allow the innovation to be self-sustaining as the majority of toilets fail due to maintenance and lack of control. Technology built for Loocafé is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled, which transmits stink – smell levels, energy, user data, and is monitored by a 24/7 central command centre, ensuring safe, clean, hygienic washrooms for every user. Unlike the existing models, we emphasize on women’s security, feminine hygiene, sanitary napkin dispensers, baby feeding, diaper changing, and features in every unit. With dwindling green cover in cities, Loocafé is designed with Green Lung spaces providing greener, cleaner surroundings.

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Sustainable Business Growth

ICS helps you achieve sustainable business growth by leaving behind all the worries related to building performance onto us


Truly Digital and IoT enabled

ICS is a standalone service provider collaborating machine accuracy (IoT)and human expertise in the Integrated Facilities Management domain to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the workplace, equipment, services, and the occupants


Truly Digital and IoT enabled

ICS manufactures our own housekeeping chemicals ergonomically which increases the productivity of our staff at your esteemed premises.


Specialized Training and Products

ICS manufacture our own housekeeping chemicalsergonomically which increases the productivity of ourstaff at your esteemed premises.


Six Sigma and guaranteed savings model

Applying Six Sigma to reduce error rates and efficiency through minimum resources available or usage defines the aim of ICS as being consumer-centric.