With an unremitting spirit of innovation coupled with a dynamic and multifaceted portfolio of solutions, we strive to offer people enduring value. Our deep market insights  enable us to leverage growth opportunities in the key markets where we operate concurrently, helping our brands emerge as trusted leaders.

Executive Protection

Decreasing real-world risks for high-profile individuals requires constant monitoring of ever-changing circumstances and decisions. External circumstances—a VIP has landed, an event has been cancelled, a potential threat has materialized—place a premium on highly trained security specialists who can think on their feet. Those specialists undergo extensive training customized for each client and situation, and that training never ends.

Uniformed Services

We at Ixora look for the best because our clients demand the best. Recruitment starts with a search for strong people skills and security knowledge, as well as excellent judgment. We then review work history and related career experience that fits with specific clients needs. We train our personnel well beyond the industry norm: every employee receives both state-mandated and site-specific training, using traditional instruction and state-of-the-art digital training.This training is developed in collaboration with each individual client, using the best delivery method for that site’s operational profile.The result: our personnel are customer service agents as well as security professionals. Our clients expect the best, and they receive only the best.

Special Events Security

A few hour event requires a lot of hours of security preparation, with strategies that involve weeks of planning and training designed to account for every detail, no matter how minute. The glittering, high-profile events we secure also involve high levels of coordination between event and security staff. The priorities: be vigilant yet unobtrusive, be thorough without being disruptive, and never forget that the world is watching.