Changing the poor perception of the  Indian public washroom

Changing the poor perception of Indian public washrooms. Loocafé is a free luxury washroom that is accessible to everybody from children to elderly. It's totally air conditioned with a stink monitoring system, has a sanitary pad dispenser for women and a diaper changing station with world class maintenance.


To provide comfortable, elite and unique toilets which are safe and hygienic.


Architecting a digital facility ecosystem that would redefine the labelled methods while enhancing the dignity of neglected service staff


To provide luxury washrooms at every 1-kilometer radius to ordinary people.

RFID Support

Footfall sensor

Feedback support

Water sensor

Stink sensor

ATM & Kiosk

A prefabricated model, made out of a shipping container, where there are 3 luxurious washrooms at the back with retail space in front.

Self Drying Floor

Tackles damping which helps in reducing infection

Floor Washing Points

Ease of maintenance with washing points

Foot Pedal Flush & Taps

Hygienic eliminates contact with flush knobs faucets


Hygienic eliminates contact with flush knobs faucets

Revenue Model

Café , Retail Place , Charging Stations, advertising spaces, vending machines, MUK and more

Spring Up Toilet Seat

Promotes positive behavioural change